IEC 61400-3:2009 Withdrawn

1 Scope

This part of IEC 61400 specifies additional requirements for assessment of the external conditions at an offshore wind turbine site and it specifies essential design requirements to ensure the engineering integrity of offshore wind turbines. Its purpose is to provide an appropriate level of protection against damage from all hazards during the planned lifetime.

This standard focuses on the engineering integrity of the structural components of an offshore wind turbine but is also concerned with subsystems such as control and protection mechanisms, internal electrical systems and mechanical systems.

A wind turbine shall be considered as an offshore wind turbine if the support structure is subject to hydrodynamic loading. The design requirements specified in this standard are not necessarily sufficient to ensure the engineering integrity of floating offshore wind turbines.

This standard should be used together with the appropriate IEC and ISO standards mentioned in Clause 2. In particular, this standard is fully consistent with the requirements of IEC 61400-1. The safety level of the offshore wind turbine designed according to this standard shall be at or exceed the level inherent in IEC 61400-1. In some clauses, where a comprehensive statement of requirements aids clarity, replication of text from IEC 61400-1 is included.